Trainwatching around Altkloster.

It is around 1952, and I have some time after school to get glimpses of my favourite machinery, so I peddle eastward just out of town, where I can stand on the road bridge overlooking the river basin, and watch the tunnel entrance. Sure enough, an 18 class heading westward with a passenger train and a postal car comes into view. The track-workers at the side of the line have seen it a hundred times before, and take little notice.

As the train heads into town, I swing the camera to follow it, and take this shot of the train going away over the bridge.

After 10 minutes, a little 75 class tank engine heads east with a goods train. I was daydreaming looking down into the water below, and the train appeared before I got it approaching. I caught it right in the middle of the bridge as it approached the tunnel, so it didn't turn out so bad. In the background are the bridges carrying the other main line to enter town from the east.

The sun is getting lower, but as the train heads into the tunnel, I get this shot. The distant signal is showing off - I believe there is a block signal on the other side of the tunnel. A local farmer has taken advantage of the small patch of ground under the cliff, and has rows of beans planted.

Trainwatching - 2

Trainwatching- On shed