Trainwatching around Altkloster (2 - eastern electrified tunnel mouth).

It is around 1952, and the sun is rising. I cycle just out of town before school, to watch the quite busy rail traffic around Altkloster. Today I headed for the river area, just east of town, cross the road bridge, and trek across the tracks near the tunnel. This brings me to the electrified main line where it clears the tunnel. I stand on top of a cutting just east of the tunnel mouth.

Today, I get is this long westbound freight train headed by a class 94, a huge machine with six powered axles, noted for its power, and dubbed the German crocodile because of its colour. This is an interesting wooded area, with some sheep and cattle farming, orchards, and even some vines. Notice the occupation crossing bridge used by the farmer to take animals to other fields across the line.

In complete contrast in more ways than one, is this little push-pull train making it's way out eastward from Altkloster on the non-electrified tracks. I photographed the 93 1353 locomotive (an Austrian design), pushing the early morning milk train. The driver is in the driving trailer car at front, then comes the ex Prussian clerestory passenger car, then the milk and baggage car. The fireman who takes telegraphic instructions from the driver, is not visible in the cab, as he is bending to the firing duties.

The above photograph shows a driving trailer and baggage car which are free-lance fantasy models made up on Fleischmann die-cast underframes. See more information here. The engine is Liliput model #L131410.

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