Trainwatching around Altkloster (3 - the bridges).

From one of my relatives houses on the west bank of the river, I can watch trains for a few hours, and here in 1956, I can feature a few freight trains taken with my Voigtlander folding 35mm camera, using Feraniacolor film. I spotted the engine number as it passed, 50 2362. Loads of agricultural equipment are heading to farms east of here, as it seems to be only a local train. Altkloster acts as a staging point for breaking up longer trains for local distribution.

Way back in 1950, I had got a similar shot from the house, of a class 05 on a west bound passenger train. These engines are not often seen in these parts. I was impressed with the action of these huge driving wheels, close to 2m in diameter I believe. I then raced over to the station on my bike, and managed to catch close-ups of this mighty engine. See more pictures on Trainwatching 4.

On another day in 1956, I decided to cross the railway-side footbridge to the eastern side of the river, and got this shot of the same engine 50 2362 entering the tunnel.

Train watching 4

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