Trainwatching around Altkloster-7.

The loco shed at Altkloster is where engines are stabled for cleaning, and re-coaling, or simply to wait for the next train requiring haulage. It is a small depot to hold about 5 engines in total, with a two road shed that can hold two large engines, and two small engines. My photos here were taken on a moonlit evening in 1957.

The first outside the shed shows a 50 class, a 93 class tank engine, and an 05 just inside the shed. The shedman seems to be cogitating, it is after all, about 9pm, and he probably is thinking of his supper

The second photo shows the 50 class about to be coaled, with the aid of the operator on the hand crane. Dirty and dangerous work, especially at night.

Trainwatching 8

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