Kim Thurlow's Portfolio of Queensland Steam No 16

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Number 1027 takes the Wallangarra Mail alias Sydney Express southward from Toowoomba, 12.45pm.

This was the Russell Street level crossing immediately south of the Toowoomba railway platforms. It was one of the few guarded crossings in the Toowoomba area, evidenced here by the bell man, who always preceded the train with a red flag and the bell swinging, until the engine reached the halfway point of the crossing. The duties of bell man would have ususally been performed by one of the station porters.

Here near the Russell Street level crossing, sandwiched between the railway and the creek, was the City Library. It was later to be removed to a larger building on the north side of the town hall, and then later still to its current location. Over the creek, on any mid day except Sunday, you could sample the wares of the "Pieologist", for about a shilling ($0.10c). His little wood fired oven occupied the back of a Holden utility (pickup), and he made exceptionally good meat pies, and other pastries.

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