Kim Thurlow's Portfolio of Queensland Steam - Toowoomba

This picture was taken around 1961 by Ivor Thurlow using Feraniacolor, a 35mm transparency stock promoted by photo shops around Australia. If my memory serves me correctly (should we shorten that in this email age to a form such as IMMSMC, like "my humble opinion" becomes IMHO?), Ferania offered a home processing kit. The only reason my father would have used it, would have been because it was cheaper. Most color films of this era would have been 10 or 25 ASA rating. For that reason I find this particular photo remarkably good. The camera was probably a Voigtlander Vito B, a little compact camera similar to Kodak's Retina, with a viewfinder above the lens..

The Sydney Express, bound for Toowoomba and Brisbane. It is early afternoon, probably Saturday circa 1961, and the sun is shining fully on the camera side of the train. About half an hour earlier, the train had crossed its southbound counterpart at either Wyreema or Cambooya- if everything was on time.

The pressed steel piloted engine is 4-6-2 Class BB18.1/4, perhaps number 1041 or possibly 1043, of which I saw both around Toowoomba frequently. The train is approaching the Herries Street crossing in Toowoomba, guarded only by the train whistle in the days before "Safety" considerations. Every person had to look out for themselves. In the background is the Wheat Board storage sheds and the accompanying spur line. Now on this site every Sunday, you can visit the open-air markets and buy pumpkins, tools, and kiddies clothing, from stalls and car boots.

The background housing has since made way for service industry sheds and showrooms.

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