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Choosing the Lifelike "Heritage" model of the Y3 class 2-8-8-2

The Lifelike "Heritage" Y3 class 2-8-8-2

Atcheson Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
This model is produced as #1790, and #1791 (First Release October 1999).

8 of the Y3 were sold by the N&W to the AT&SF RR, for service over Raton Pass, New Mexico. Many photos of these engines can be found in books illustrating operations of the Santa Fe railroad. These photos include the heading of diesel passenger trains over Raton Pass, so there is plenty of scope for modelling the operation of these locomotives. #1791 was first allocated to work the Kansas City hump yard.

The Santa Fe accepted these engines as delivered from N&W with their distinctive tenders, and the pilot fabricated from old boiler tubing. The Santa Fe removed the doghouse from the top of the tender. All the engines except ATSF #1797 were subsequently sold to the Virginian RR in late 1947. #1797 was scrapped in August 1947.

I cannot without looking at either model, picture the difference between the models. Lifelike says #1790 differs from #1791 only in the headlight, which is mounted slightly to the rear of the front deck. I would suggest that 1790 has the large bridge pipe between the front cylinders.

The image of the Lifelike model, taken from the Lifelike website.

If you missed the first release, and want to model an ATSF engine, the safest way is to buy the Virginian model, and repaint it. (All but one of the ATSF engines was sold to the VGN- see table on another page). You could also buy the model of the UP engine #3671, as this would be substantially the same as the ATSF purchases. The N&W #2050 could be used also, but the dog box on the tender needs to be removed.
Notes on technical features of the Y classes, and modifying other models.

Interesting prototype information, elevations and cross sections plans, and photographs of the Y3 class are contained in the December 1999 and subsequent issues of Mainline Modeler magazine, published by Hundman Publishing Inc.

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