Kim Thurlow's N&W Portfolio of Y3 Locomotives
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The Y3 classes of locomotive on the N&W numbered 2000 to 2079 and were built by 3 builders over the period 1919-23.

You can see one of these fine locomotives, preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum in Chicago, Illinois. For details about viewing times, please phone 1-800-BIG-RAIL.

The Museum has a website Home Page

Correspondence Address: Illinois Railway Museum
PO Box 427
Union IL 60180
Note these examples of the Y3 do not have the modified bridge steam piping between the front cyinders.
 2005  2058
 2070  Cab Interior 2070. This was a twin screw steamer- the two large almost vertical objects are the coal stoker tubes.  2070

 Modelling the Y3 Locomotive in HO scale

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