New South Wales 35xx class 4-6-0

It is January 1965 and 3526 is propelling a van towards the passenger platforms at Newcstle station heading east.

3526 is preserved and is operated widely on passenger excursions by Transport Heritage NSW Railways.

The 35 class were developed in 1914 and built in numbers at Eveleigh Railway Workshops till 1923 as the NN1027 class, and were quickly nick-named Nannys..

They were applied to haul all passenger and express trains.

Many were painted in colours other than black for particular trains or special occasions, ranging from Caledonian blue, to green or red.


An unknown 35 class heads west into the afternoon sun with a local train from Newcastle in January 1965. Newcastle harbour is in the background with what may be a vehicular ferry in the fore-ground.