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Lockyer Creek Bridge west of Brisbane

Construction in 1910.

The bridge is about 80km west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on the main line to Toowoomba and further west. The Lockyer Creek, which it crosses, is a major tributary of the Brisbane River. This area was first settled by Europeans in the 1830/40's, and the railway built in 1867.
The concrete bridge was built during 1910/11, and opened for traffic in November 1911, replacing the earlier erection of iron and timber. It is a reinforced concrete bridge with a concrete deck and bulustrading. It was built only a decade after the first reinforced concrete bridge of any size was erected in Chatellerault in France. It features three double semi-elliptical arches, supporting a deck for a single railway track. Supplementary arches with cross bracing, complete the span between the abutments and the arches. The bridge was built when William Pagan was chief engineer of the Queensland Railways in Australia, and it still carries 3,000 tonne coal trains (10 a day).

This photo is owned by Queensland Railways. The photo shows the original 1867 bridge as a backdrop to the construction work in 1910. This original bridge was built in 1866-67, and this photo is taken from the north-western side. The extent of the southern earthern embankment on the original bridge was not replicated in the 1911 construction, rather it used supplementary concrete piers for a greater distance.

The shuttering (boxing) for the main pier caisson and second pier is shown. Detail of construction materials is interesting. A hoist for use in hoisting material for the arch construction shows near the second pier shuttering, as do the reinforcing rods from the main pier caisson.

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Model of the Lockyer Creek bridge.

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