Kimball Thurlow's model in scale 1:96, of the Lockyer Creek Bridge west of Brisbane.

The photo shows a typical 1950s passenger train, as it heads toward Toowoomba. It faces a half-hour tortuous climb up the Toowoomba range.

The complete model is 1200mm (4 feet) long. The scale is 1:96 (close to HO), this is an English architectural scale of 1/8 inch to the foot. The model is set in a module designed by my club, the Union Pacific Model Railroad Club in Brisbane Australia. This module will become part of a display layout. The track is 12mm gauge, representing the 3'6" (1066mm) of the Queensland Railways system.

While the purpose of any bridge is to cross a divide, most structures make a bold statement in the process. In this case the statement is clothed with symmetry and grace.

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