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Queensland Railways Album - Harlaxton

This photo was taken from the road bridge at Harlaxton just prior to lunch time on a Saturday in 1962, looking east. The engine #1253, is an English Electric 1,500hp diesel-electric locomotive, and the driver has earnt his wages in coaxing the train up the heavy gradient from Helidon for the last 20 miles. This train was the Sydney Express via Wallangarra, and there are 10 vehicles behind his engine, with a total weight of around 350 tons. It is possible that the train will be reduced at Toowoomba, by removal of the two refrigerator (ice bunkered) cars behind the engine. Besides the 6 passenger cars, there is a baggage and a guards van at the rear. This train was normally hauled by a steam engine, and I think I was quiite disappointed. Almost assuredly, a steam engine will take over the train on the Toowoomba to Wallangarra leg. Note the quarry infrastructure in the background. This quarry produced crushed blue stone which was used by the railways for track ballast.

This photo of 1253 was taken from the road bridge at Harlaxton, which is still there to this day. What are not still there, are the two objects shown in the photo below, taken from the same bridge, but facing westward.

1. The bracket signals showing the rear side, the front sides of which were to be observed by train drivers travelling east.

2. The station platform at Harlaxton, at which passenger train drivers would stop if flagged down.

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