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Examples of sheet metal rolling stock made in France in the 1950s.

First is this coach made by Pierre Marie Pillon (PMP).

PMP made rolling stock using three basic sheet metal components, roof, main body and underframe, which were screwed together. Bogies were pivoted on the underframe, with small bolts through metal sleeve. Buffers were screwed. Tab and slot construction was used for vestibule ends. The car is 265mm long overall.

This coach when purchased, had been heavily modified with painted lined windows, and repainted roof.
It has been restored as sensitively as possible, with correct window film.
I have yet to find a match for the roof colour, which shows on the underside (above).
I retained the not-original underframe gear, because it does not detract from the model.
The bogies are not original, but again, I had no replacements, and they work well.
Vestibule diaphrams will be replaced when available.
The CIWL crest appears to be finely punched brass, with tab fittings.

The above car as presented in a Nord Express boxed set

Second is this 8 door baggage car made by Rateau, possibly for the brand JEP.
This car is completely original, including bogies and couplers. Catalogue #2138. Like PMP, the car is made from sheet metal, with fine printing and lining.

This car is a Pullman 1st Class modeled by PMP as catalogue #541, 265mm long. The running number is 4025. A 2nd class car, running number 4009 was also available. This type of car with open seating arrangement, was used on the Mistral, from Paris to Nice. They were also found further afield as in the lower photo.

Here is car 4109 at Padborg, Denmark, probably on the Nord or Scandinavian Express in 1946.

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