Freight Operations around Altkloster (9 - SNCF interchange)

Situated to the east of the Rhine, Altkloster is used as an interchange for cross-border freight.The railway yard at Altkloster boasts an unusual capability, which serves both French and German industry. French trains run on SNCF metals through to Altkloster, where they can continue on with German motive power through Germany, and even on to Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The French electric system in these parts is 25Kva, as opposed to the German system on 15Kva. The SNCF share the interchange track with DB, and here is how the two different voltages coped. The interchange is an isolated section of catenary built in such a way that it can be switched from one power source to another. So a French loco can enter the section on 25Kva from its own metals, and leave a train for interchange, and exit. Then a controller (signalman?) switches the power to 15Kva, to allow the German loco to pick up the train and continue on its own metals.

In this photo, an SNCF BB12061 brings in a French train for transfer to a German loco. This train happens to consist of mostly French vehicles.

The loco is Marklin 37335, and the wagons are a mix of Lima, Marklin, and older Hornby Acho, Jouef and Fleischmann. I have changed the wheel sets where appropriate to suit the Marklin track and system.

Here are some close up views of typical French rolling stock. The first is a sliding roof open wagon.

This model was made by Jouef in the 1960s, and is very similar to the Marklin model of the DB version. The roof and end steps are metal. It has Fleischmann 6561 AC wheels.

The second is of an iced refrigerator van for the STEF company, widely known in France.

This model was built by Hornby Acho in the 60s. The v-jointed planked sides, and metal end ladders are well modelled. I have weathered it, and changed the wheels to Fleischmann 6561 for AC running.

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