Freight Operations around Altkloster (10 - wine)

The south west corner of Germany adjacent to the Alsace-Lorraine area of France, is well known for the wine industry and the vineyards nestling on the hillsides. Wine is transported by rail from collection points to service wholesalers and companies who use wine as a basis for further manufacturing. Here is a sample of such wagons spotted around Altkloster.

The first is a G20 wine carrier wagon for Wekawe of Mainz, Germany. In this shot, wine is being unloaded from barrels inside the car, to smaller barrels on the truck. The small barrels are destined for local wine merchants.

The model came from a Marklin set of 5 cars, heavy freight wagon set #48801, produced in 2002/3.

At the Altkloser Fine Foods, raw materials are shipped in by the wagon load. The French company SGTL is mainly involved in transporting foodstuffs, and here a wine wagon is being shunted into the factory spur. The wagon was bashed up from a 1960s Fleischmann cast underframe, and a Thomas the Tank Engine series tanker car body, which I suitably repainted.

A couple of extra wine wagons. The Trix twin-tank car model on the left is similar to, but not the same as, Trix model #23938. This car represents the period between 1946 and 1952, before DB lettering was introduced on the German railways. I have an interest in this period. This car came with a 5 wagon Trix set #23859. The model on the right (Simotra) is from a Marklin SNCF set #47892. This set represents French rolling stock, also of the early 1950s.

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