Freight Operations around Altkloster (4 - oil and gantry loading)

I had regular sales calles at Altkloster, and late in the fifties, with time after work, I headed to the yard at the west end of Altkloster. From the top of one of the local oil storage tanks, I managed this goods yard photo. To handle heavier loads, a gantry crane has been installed, over the wagon storage yards. Here, road trucks can transfer heavy loads, crates, and bundled goods to open or flat wagons. The main lines to and from the west, are in the background.

The wagon storage area also hosts a small oil delivery depot, this time the photo was taken from up a light pole opposite.

Ready to load a car used for the carriage of bananas, into a truck at Altkloster. The wagons always seemed to be appropriately painted yellow. This car was from a Maerklin wagon set #47904.

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