Freight Operations around Altkloster (5 - The Altkloster Fine Food factory)

Late one night, I arived at Altkloster by train for sales calls the next day, and noticed this tank car under the street lights at the Altkloster Fine Foods (AFL or Altkloster Feine Lebensmittel) factory. This is a tank car owned by EVA, a railway transportation specialist, and is labelled for carriage of flammable liquids only (Ladegut:: Brennbare Flüssigkeiten), it is probably there to unload fuel for their refigeration plant. The AFL is located across the road opposite the engine servicing area, and is the fifth railway freight area around Altkloster. More fleet tank car examples.

This model is from Fleischmann tank car set number 94 5802.

On another day, as I went past the factory, the siding had a house-to-house loading of containers, spotted under the small loading gantry. This load is for chicken by-products, and the model was the Maerklin Insider wagon number 48158 for 2008.

In the background, can be seen part of the town, and part of the giant roller door by which means you access the layout shed. The yellow brick building is administrative and sleeping quarters for the DB.

On another occasion I photographed a wagon load of potatoes, and an iced beer wagon from Munich. The variety of sources for fine foods is amazing.

6 - the wagon sorting and storage yards

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