Freight Operations around Altkloster (3 - the end loader)

In 1956, my company had to ship two VW vehicles across Germany, and the best way was by rail. So while supervising the loading into a covered wagon, I managed some photos. At Altkloster, there is a small loading ramp to load directly onto flat cars, or into covered freight wagons with end doors. The ramp also acts as the siding buffer. Another unloading ramp with a crane for heavier loads, is elsewhere in the Altkloster area. Here is a Gl car with end doors, ready to load the VW buses, and some other photos from different angles.

Wouldn't it be nice if the wagon models had doors that actually open! That would look really impressive. The Marklin items #00794 available in a set of 20 (or singly if you prefer), represent the Gl covered goods wagon type of car, many with end doors for loading wheeled goods, or for easier loading of other items. Roco also have a model of this type of car with end doors (#46100). In order for these cars to be fully utilized on my layout, I found it easy to construct a model end loading ramp.

I constructed my model buffer/ramp from suitably wedge-shaped wood (pine or balsa), then covered it in brick paper on the sides. Some grit-paper on the top replicates gravel or bitumen, and the buffer end is made up of extra wood or balsa bits, so the Marklin coupler fits underneath . That end also serves as the loading plank. The ramp height should equal the top of the wagon buffers.

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