Portfolio of Queensland Railways - Pictures from the 1950's and 60's.

Kim Thurlow's Album

Number 947, a 1950 product of Clyde Engineering Works in New South Wales at the throat of Harristown yards, station platform on the left. The 'T ' on the buffer beam indicates that Toowoomba is the home shed. This scene is looking north, and the South Street crossing is about 50 metres to the rear of the engine.

The 4 wheeled cattle wagon in back is typical of the era, although bogie versions were also widespread. Basically, the body was built of timber, and the roof was curved corrugated galvanized iron. I guess the main frame would be steel.

All Queensland Railways rolling stock was pipe fitted for continuous Westinghouse train braking, with screw link couplings, the hook and drawbar, and two large round sprung buffers to keep the trains in a manageable rolling status.

At this time, all rail was flat bottomed, on locally cut hardwood (eucalyptus) sleepers. Main line rail was up to 90 pounds per yard, but a lot of the rail like in this photo, was as light as 40 pounds to the yard. In fact, in this shot, the engine is on the main loop, and I doubt if that rail is more than 60 to the yard.

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