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Portfolio of Queensland Railways - Pictures from the 50's and 60's.

Another picture taken in 1963 by my brother Alan Thurlow. Subject is according to Alan's notes, a C17 4-8-0 number 668, an Evans Anderson Phelan product of 1917. John Armstrong's book however quotes it as a C16, built 1913. The engine is shunting the Harristown yard, the tender well laden with coal. One of my other interests, the Norfolk and Western Railway in eastern USA, also had 4-8-0 freight engines. Elsewhere, it was not a particularly popular wheel arrangement. The 2-8-0 was far more ubiquitous as a freight engine.

I had thought for some time about publishing my album photos, even though they are not top quality. And perhaps mixing them with some others from friends I know in a joint booklet. But posting them on the internet is so much easier, and gives me the same amount of pleasure. I know the images will have a far greater audience as well.

If you have images of Queensland steam, please feel free to have them posted on this site as well. The more, the merrier. Email me

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