Kim Thurlow's Album of Queensland Steam

B18.1/4 number 913 at Baddow, just west of Maryborough in the late 1960's, photo taken by my father Ivor Thurlow. The train is heading into Maryborough with the morning train from Brisbane, a five hour journey. Number 913 was built by Walkers Limited in Maryborough in 1947. I do not know whether Maryborough or Gympie would have been its home stable. Note the two cars, full-baggage and full-brake car at the head end.

I remember in 1967, heading southward on the opposing train, and we lost time. When we got to Strathpine early afternoon (15 miles from Brisbane) a half hour late, we were held for signals. It was a hot day, and none too comfortable in the cab of a BB18.1/4 I would say. I was in the leading coach and heard everything that passed between the hapless driver and an official, who had just happened along on an outbound train.

"You're bloody late- atrocious! Where are you from?"

"Gympie" replied the now timid driver.

"Should have known- you Gympie drivers are all the same- bloody hopeless!" was the steaming reply from the official.

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