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Pacific Fast Mail (PFM) model of the Y6b #2175 built by United in Japan, 1960 (and notes on other Y models)

Apparently the N&W Railway ordered a small number of (often only one) HO hand-built scale models of some their steam engines, during the 1950's and 60's. Why these were ordered I do not know. Perhaps to present to a retiring employee or director? I have an interesting note about these brass models, from Rick Morrison, who in an email says:
"N&W had a very nice HO layout which they displayed at expositions and special events? These models ran on the layout. The layout was designed for continuous running of the trains, and as a child in 1957 I was amazed by it. The layout may still exist, but in private hands and in poor condition. No one seems to know what happened to the models. I do not think the company ever gave things like this away as gifts, etc. By the early 1960's, N&W had lost interest in displaying their layout."

Since then, many hundreds of hand-built brass models have been produced in HO and other scales. Many of these have been built in, and exported from, Korea and Japan to importers in the USA, who then distribute them through model shops and specialist retailers.

The model pictured above, was one of 100 built as a "Crown" series model in 1960, and sold then for US$150. The Crown series often had added detail or some other improvement, over concurrent or similar models. Note that this model incorporates the sheathed, or lagged/jacketed smokebox, which the Rivarossi model does not represent. Nearly 500 of the Y6b model were imported by PFM in the period 1958 to 1962, representing the number series 2171 to 2200. The tender on these models is representative of a modern type that carried 22,000 gallons of water, and 30 tons of coal, and used by the Y5 through Y6 classes. More pictures of this model of #2175.

Other Y6b models have been sold by Precision Scale Co (PSC), and Key Imports (KEY).

Earlier Y classes used 16,000 gallon, 23 ton, or 18,000 gallon, 26 ton tenders.


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