Kim Thurlow's N&W Portfolio of Y6 Locomotives
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The Y6, Y6a and Y6b classes of locomotive on the N&W Railway were built at the company's Roanoke shops between 1936 and 1952. Allocated road numbers were 2120 through 2200. While the last Y6b steamed sometime in 1960, I am told on good authority that the last 2 Y6b's were scrapped in 1976 at a scrap yard in Roanoke.

 Y6a 21562156 is the only survivor of the Y6a class of 1942. You can see this locomotive in the St Louis Museum of Transportation, MO. The 1942 batch were designated class Y6a.

 2120 was the first Y6 in 1936. When built, they were equipped with cast steel beds and roller bearings. Y6 2120

 2171 takes pride of place in the sunshine for the offical company portrait, the first class Y6b in 1948.Y6b 2171

2175 was built 1948 at Roanoke. Here y6b 2175she is in the lubritorium at Shaffer's Crossing locomotive servicing facility. If you take a close look, you will see the large square ducting in the roof of the shed, designed to catch the smoke and soot.

 A great view of 2175 taken from the top of the coal tower at Shaffer's Crossing engine facility, Roanoke, VA.Y6b 2175

 2200 was the last of the Y6b built in 1952. This photo was originally of 2197, but retouched to represent the last of the breed.
Y6b 2200

  Image of 2176
An excellent image of 2176 on the turntable at Shaffer's Crossing roundhouse. Shows good overhead detail. In the background can be seen a J class 4-8-4 tender.

 Image of 2180
A front view taken on 15 July 1949 when built. The distinctive shape of the smoke box door was later changed to the more familiar round style.

 Image of 2197 A right side view when built

 Another of 2197 A left three quarter view when built

 Modelling the Y6 Locomotive in HO scale

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