Kim Thurlow's N&W Portfolio of Y5 Locomotives
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The Y5 engines were built at the height of the depression, and numbered 2090 through 2109. They were initially classified Y4a. Due to a renumbering (and the loss of 2092 in a wreck), the number series became 2101-2119. The Y5 class were rebuilt in 1940-41 with cast steel beds instead of fabricated frames. Earlier Y3 and Y4 locomotives were recipients of some of the leftover improvements from these rebuildings.
Lack of speed of the earlier Y classes on the N&W was a concern. Steam in the low pressure cylinders at the front, (the front engine), was not being exhausted efficiently, thus creating back pressure. Roanoke works decided to redesign the front engine on the new Y5, with a larger diameter exhaust outlet, thus creating a distinctive large bridge pipe between the two front cylinders.
2090 later to become 2111 in a renumbering.
 2097 was built in the Roanoke workshops of the N&W Rlwy in 1930 during the height of the depression. This picture graphically illustrates the skills required to drive one of these brutes. Note the air flow hatches in the roof top, and the coal feed tunnel bisecting the floor (footplate).  2100 was built in Roanoke shops in 1931. The frames were fabricated (as opposed to cast). In 1940, all the Y5 class were modernised with cast beds and roller bearings. This photo was taken when new. Unlike earlier Y class engines, the Y5 were built with the massive bridge steam pipe between the front cylinders, clearly seen here. 2100 later became 2115.

 Modelling the Y5 Locomotive in HO scale

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