Kim Thurlow's N&W Portfolio of Box cars
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 43092 was one of almost a thousand box cars of class B6. The car was 40'6" inside length, These freight cars were painted in a variation of box car red, brown or tuscan, depending on your nomenclature, with white lettering and reporting details.  44151, of another class, B8 of nearly 1000 box cars. In 1954, N&W had 9,687 box cars in revenue service, and a total of 58,122 freight cars. Two-thirds of this number were coal hoppers, illustrating the importance of that source of revenue to the railway.  A diagram from the era of wooden box cars.

 53998 was one of a batch of class B8a steel cars built by Pullman Standard for the N&W. This photo shows the new car in 1954. Many railroads purchased these, designated PS1, but with variations in door types and widths.

 Modelling the N&W Boxcars in HO scale (page not yet designed)

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