N&W Bibliography

for Kim Thurlow's portfolio on the

N&W Railway

Acknowledgement is made to the following sources of information:

Softback covers (all these books should be readily available):

Norfolk and Western Steam (The Last 25 Years) by Ron Rosenberger and Eric Archer, Quadrant Press, 1973 and reprinted.

The Norfolk and Western Handbook by Conley Wallace and Aubrey Wiley, W-W Publications, 1980.

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There are many books and videos on the N&W and as I upgrade this web site, these will be added.

The original black and white images used in this web site, www.ja-gps.com.au/n&w, are the property of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. Other sources are acknowledged as required.

Useful Links:

Lifelike Models and "Heritage" Y3 Model

Norfolk and Western Historical Society

Lynchburg VA site with many N&W images, history, and links, also Kipp Teague's site.

Imagebase at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA