Modelling the N&W M class

Handbuilt O scale Brass HO Model (this page)

Norfolk and Western's little beauty.... the unique 4-8-0. Built in 1906, these engines (with sister classes M1 and M2) were the mainstay of the N&W's coal hauling duties, often double headed. The mallet types, with two driving engines, under one boiler, superceded them. Many M class did remain in service until the late 1950's.

The 4-8-0 was not a particularly popular wheel arrangement on world railroads. The 2-8-0 was far more ubiquitous. Along with the N&W, the Southern Pacific had some, and Queensland (Australia) widely used the 4-8-0. One of the class is still running today, at the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania.

The model above, was imported in 1963-67 from Japan, by LMB. It is a beautiful runner. The model was painted by Mr Bob Cuffe of Queensland, and has been re-motored with a can motor, and ready for DCC.

This model has the front cow catcher as used on road duties. This was often replaced by steps for yard duties, to which many of this class were assigned in later years. More pictures of this model.


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