Set 1, LNER 4487 Sea Eagle

Hornby Dublo all-metal model, for 3 rail track. Spectacle plate glass at the cab front and side window glass can be modeled using liquid PVC.

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Below is LNER 4487 Sea Eagle as running from March 1937 to February 1938. It was allocated to depots at Haymarket, and Gateshead. This engine would have been used on various passenger and express trains on the LNER including The Flying Scotsman, Tees Tyne Pullman and Capitals Limited.

(Sea Eagle in green with green wheels and valance over the driving wheels).


Gloss finish prior to application of satin, and colour on the wheels. Note that the cab roof was eventually painted all-over green.

Here is the boxed set for this model, with Hornby Dublo tin-plate carriages. The box is my own creation, and does not represent any original set as sold.

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