Passenger operations (2) - not all kitchen cars (speisewagons) are red

D-zug trains provide the general passenger train services between minor and major towns, throughout Germany in the 1940'/50s/60s. Sometimes, limited refreshement facilities were provided on these trains. The car in these photographs is operated as a kitchen car, and used on the D-zug network. (The express train network and timetable is called the F-zug train service, and usually runs a fast service, stopping only at major cities. On the F-zug trains, kitchen and bar cars are colored red)

This view of the car in a train, is taken from the west signal box.

This kitchen car is a type C4ük (c = 2nd class, 4 = 4 axle, ü = (dunno), k = kitchen), and has been rebuilt from a 1929 all-steel passenger coach, first developed by the Prussian Railroad Administration (KPEV) in about 1914. The kitchen (shown at one end of the car in this photo) takes up the space usually relegated to 2 compartments, and the car is allocated for 2nd class passengers. The model is made by Brawa but runs quite compatibly with my Marklin rolling stock.

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