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Boxed sets of Märklin CIWL coaches for the Orient Express

These are privately boxed sets and do not represent any sets put into production. The contents are genuine Maerklin articles, some dating from the 1950's. All models are made of sheet metal, so I have assembled only those items that retain the uniform look and feel of what has been available in the past. There are currently no coaches of this type available from Maerklin. However, Rivarossi, France Trains and Jouef have all marketed genuinely good models of CIWL coaches in plastic. Because I run a Maerklin layout with some toy quality curves I needed to stick to Maerklin products for reliable running.

1946 set

This box shows 5 cars made from sheet metal. In order to preserve some uniformity, I wanted to complete the set with sheet-metal models. For my 1946 model of the Orient Express, availability of suitable Märklin models has dictated the consist somewhat. I used 346 series cars (2 x sleeper 346/3J and 1 x speisewagen 346/2J, all in blue), and the blue sleeper borrowed from the 2701 Primex train set, plus the blue Primex 4186 baggage car. Except for the baggage car, I have inserted cardboard interiors, and added blinds to some windows, which in my opinion, add to the luxury look. All of these cars are either in new or excellent condition.


1959 set

For my 1959 model of the Orient Express, I again wanted to preserve some uniformity, so stayed with sheet-metal models. In this case, I simply added models as supplementary to the 1946 set. I use a Fleishmann 1413B in the classic CIWL dark blue, a 346/3J sleeper from Märklin (in poor paint condition), and the Märklin model #4029.

The Fleischmann model 1413B, use their schurzenwagen (skirted car) model as a base, with dark blue paint, and appears to carry the number 1611 on the skirt. It has the typical German car type marking on the upper left car side near the door, WL4ü, and Wagen 114 between two of the windows. I have inserted a cardboard interior and some window blinds.

The Marklin model 346/3J sleepr car shows what can be a typical deteriorated paint finish on these models. In English it is often called streaks, but in reality is a bubbling of the paint surface. One theory has it that the tissue wrapping in the box reacted with the paint surface, even at an early stage of release.

This picture is the Marklin model #4029 - description below.

Märklin model #4029 carries the running number 4581, and both the CIWL and ISG names on the headboard above the windows. The destination board reads Koln-Basel-Roma. I am not sure for what train this model was intended. This model does have a real prototype. 4581 was the first of the U class sleepers (often called reparations cars) built by German builders Hansa Waggonbau, Bremen, Germany, and Donauworth. 39 of these new 25.1 metre new design all-steel cars of Class U (Universal), in the traditional dark blue of the CIWL, were completed from 1957. They were designed with a particularly high roof line, to better use the space for multiple level bed arrangements.

This souvenir plastic wallet was issued to passengers travelling on the last (at that time) Orient Express in 1977. It carries pictures and a potted history of the Orient Express.

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