Altkloster Layout - overviews

The overall size of the shed is 3.5m x 2.5m, with a 600mm wide layout around the walls. There is standing/sitting room in the middle, and access is by crawling under through the door.

There are two double track mainline circuits. Between these is an interchange track where trains can change their motive power from electric locos running on the outer tracks, to steam or diesel locos running on either inner or outer main lines. The non-electrified main lines are the inside circuit.

The background is supplied by Busch. Station platforms are accessed by pedestrian tunnels.

First photograph is for the team track freight loading yard behind the station.

Here is the electric locomotive shed and a goods loading facility near the river, with the non-electrified lines in the foreground.

Here is a picture of the farm on the other side of the river, and the buildings that make up the old monastry. The tunnel entrance is on the electrified mainline.

Here is the corner alongside the farm with part of the locomotive display case.

The next page shows some construction features.

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