Altkloster Layout - new beginnings

The new overall size is 3.5m x 2.5m, as a 600mm wide layout around the walls of a shed. So there is standing/sitting room in the middle, and access is by crawling under through the door. There are two double track circuits, with an interchange track for changing locomotives to or from overhead electrified tracks. One loop track in the station. Operated by digital control, all locomotives have been purchased new since 2005. The operation requires either a Maerklin Mobile Station or a Central Station or both.

The station overview is substantially complete, with a loco display cabinet above. The non-electrified main lines are in the foreground. The background is supplied by Busch. Station platforms are accessed by pedestrian tunnels. In the foreground, is a local goods track for less-than-carload despatch or pickup.

In the middle, is an interchange track where trains can change their motive power from electric locos running on the outer tracks, to steam or diesel locos running on inner or outer tracks.

Each time an electric loco is put in the cabinet, the 'other' pantograph is extended, so that each pantograph has a turn, next time it is used.

A view of the north east corner, substantially complete, showing a small section of the town of Altkloster. This shows off well the installation of curves in C track, in radii R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5. The layout is all on the one level.

Altkloster station.

Four Bridges.

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