Freight Operations around Altkloster (7 - various wagons and various industries)

For any industrious community, the working materials and tools required for farming and manufacturing is never ceasing. Here at Altkloster, we are in the midst of a thriving agricultural industry, and the services that go with that. In the town, are banks and insurance companies, hotels, agricultural suppliers, small engineering works, yeast makers, fine food manufacture and many others.

Today I took a photo of typical freight that has arrived in the small goods yard, to be unloaded for local businesses. First to roll off the flat truck (a type X05) is a new service van for a local milking machine company. Next off will be this Deutz tractor, manufactured up near Koln, for a local machinery dealer. In a few weeks time, it may well be reloaded on a train leaving Altkloster, for some farmer who has purchased it for use up-province,

Both these sets are part of the Maerklin 00761 product series. On the tractor wagon, I have added an extra tarpaulin load for effect.

A car load of beer has just arrived from the Black Forest. An insulated meat truck has been pressed into service to help with distribution to shops in the town.

The car is from a Trix wagon set, #23859, which particularly models wagons from the late 1940s. The beer car design dates from around 1900.

And the freight yard also handles foot traffic. The farm wagon is to be loaded with timber lengths.
The horse is one of two ready for harness.

The load on the flatcar is a brewery pump-house gear wheel.
The flat car will be attached to the empty beer wagon, and returned in the same train to the brewery at Donnueschingen.

8 - coal traffic

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