HO scale models of electric engines (4)

E40 072.

It is 1956. A few minutes later on the same day that I spotted the E94, I managed a closer view of E40 072. This engine is one of a standard range of freight engines. Most of the technology and parts were the same in the E10 (different gearing for passenger work) and E50 freight series (six axles instead of 4). E40 072 is returning to the new electric locomotive depot at Altkloster, where it will be shedded to await its next turn on a freight train. In the background is the coal bunker for steam engines, administration and accomodation block for enginemen, and the water tower. In the distance is the Altkloster station house or' bahnhof'.

Again the photo was taken from the top of a hay rick, hence a good look at the roof detail.

The model was part of a starter set #29855, and was acquired separately. It is digitally equipped, and has a whistle sound.

This shot was taken from the Altkloster East signal box in the early 1950s. In the late 1950s this box was demolished, and a new one established. Both engines in the photo are E91, an early articulated design of the Bavarian Railway admistration. The one going away has a loaded coal train, and the engine approaching the camera is on an empty coal train. These engines were quite large, being six axles, and only a metre shorter than an E94.

Both engines are Marklin 39195, but one has been modified with traction tires on all driving wheels. This improves the traction quite measurably. This model is really attractive in motion, with the driving rods, and the central jack-shaft on both sets of three axles.

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