HO scale models of electric engines (3)

Maerklin model 37225. It is 1956 .

While quite late in the day, I can manage some photographs, with the new colour films developed by Ektachrome, Agfa and such. Just as I got trackside, along hums this great brute of a thing, an E 94, coming light off the mainline. This engine is one developed specifically in the 1930's for heavy freight work in difficult terrain, such as the hilly lines between Stuttgart and Munich. In the background can be seen part of the steam depot with a new V200 in storage. To the right background is a new E40 electric just pulling into the interchange track with an eastbound freight to be taken over by the E94.

Stubble in the field has dried off nicely for hay making. The farmer who owns this land is related to me, so I can get nearer the tracks to take better photos. Here, I was able to stand on a hay rick for a roof level shot.

The model was built in 2009 with time tested motor and drive train from Maerklin (nothing fancy), but has a digital decoder, and runs perfectly. Like the real machine, it can pull a very long load.

And now for something completely different. It is a French electric locomotive, type BB12000. These were built from 1954 to run on 25Kva, as opposed to the German system on 15Kva. How did these locos exist on the same tracks? Only in very limited areas. For example, an isolated section of catenary (overhead wiring) was built in such a way that it could be switched from one power source to another. So a French loco could enter the section on 25Kva from its own metals, and leave a train for interchange, and exit. Then a controller (signalman?) switched the power to 15Kva, to allow the German loco to pick up the train and continue on its own metals.

These locos were known in France as "flat-irons". This is Marklin model 37335 of 2010.

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