HO scale models of electric engines (2)

Maerklin model 39110. It is 1959 .

It is late in the day, and having finished my sales calls (I work for an instrument company) I have decided on some relaxation near the railway tracks. From my vantage point in a new signal cabin (I only had to knock), my first train is a westbound freight. This engine is one of the new breed of German engines designed as a standard, with interchangeable parts between various models. The E10 190 was designed with high gearing suitable for express and passenger work, but today it has stood in for a failed E40 (of the same design, but for freight work) on a freight working. It is entering the Altkloster interchange track where the train will continue the journey west behind a steam engine.

Through the pantograph and slightly out of focus, you can see the white post with a black diagonal slash, indicating that a distant signal on that line can be expected in about 75 metres. In the background, is the stabling yard for electric locomotives, behind the block tower.

Notice the box section catenary above the pantograph - this is one of Maerklin's standard catenary sections and works well for crossover or slip turnouts.

This Maerklin model was built in 2010, and represents some of their latest motor technology, with full sounds such as whistle and motor blowers. The lighting is quite sophisticated, with digital control for both front and tail lights, with a variation for switching manouvres.

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