Liquids cars used on European railways, and the models (5).

Today, I spotted a couple of acid cars being shunted for attachment to a train headed for France. The grey car is registered to run on the SNCF, and has no RIV marking, which means it is not authorised to be used internationally.

Anyway, the shorter car belongs to the Saint Gobain chemical works (a company set up in Paris originally to make mirrors for royalty back in 1665), and holds 10 jars. The car is a SZwf class, attached to a depot at St Fons, Rhone. The Degussa car contains 12 jars, and is attached to Rheinfelden-Baden, with inscription for loading of hydrogen peroxide. It has RIV status.

The jars are a special form of earthenware with acid resistant clay bodies. Each is 1.8 metres high (around 0.9 m in diameter), and holds 900 litres, with appropriately fitted lids. Both cars have a special framework to cradle the jars so they will not be damaged in transit. A crane would be required to load and unload each jar in turn. The SNCF car is modelled by Sachsenmodelle (catalogue #16220F), and the Degussa car is catalogue #48162 from Marklin.

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