Railway Oil and Liquids Tanks, and the models (2 - VDOM)

VDOM was originally formed as a small beet oil factory, the Mannheimer Ölfabrik AG Fabrik. In 1887 it merged with other companies and became the Verein Deutscher Ölfabriken, based in Mannheim. It has been traditionally associated with the manufacture of pet food, edible oils, margarine and oil for biodiesel. The tank could have been used for any of these products. In 1920 the company was purchased by Unilever, and has changed hands since 1990. The Mannheim plant was severely damaged between 1939 and 1945 and was reconstructed in 1948, with later expansion.

One day while visiting the railway engine sheds, I noticed this tank car at the Altkloster Fine Food factory just over the road. This tank is for private use by VDOM and is labelled for carriage of oils extracted from fat (ladegut: oele laugen fette). This model is a Fleischmann and the naming includes Mannheim. It has a red brakeman's platform. I have changed the wheels to AC type.

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