Marklin HO scale models of catenary

The masts may need to be installed on a bridge, in which case you purchase a pack of 5 mast pieces #74104. These are standard masts, but they are supplied with a piece of formed stainless steel, which clips under the sides of the Marklin bridge sections. This metal clip then receives the plastic tongue of the mast base, and holds it very securely, with mast arms located between the bridge trusses. It took me about 3 months to figure out how this clip system worked, because there are no instructions in the packet. I actually tied my masts to the bridge temporarily with string, until I figured it out.

The underside of the bridge showing the mast installed on the metal piece. Do this before you install the bridge. It cannot be done with the bridge in place on the layout, because you will be working upside down with limited space for your hands.

The bridge mast installed on the layout.

The catenary can be used to carry the 'bahnstrom" or layout electical current, but this is not necessary with a digital operation.