LNER Class A4 "SEA EAGLE" - No. 4487 - 7 MODEL SETS

using HORNBY DUBLO 3 rail OO or 00 gauge components.

Locomotive works number 1852, completed at Doncaster on 20 March 1937,

Allocated the running number 4487.
It was named Sea Eagle. It was put into service with a 1928 pattern streamlined tender, which the Hornby Dublo model represents.
The engine was eventually scrapped in 1963 by which time it had become the property of the nationalised British Railways.
During its time on the rails, it received no less than 9 different colour schemes or lettering.
In 1947, the loco was renamed to Walter K Wigham, to honour one of the LNER directors.

I purchased second-hand Hornby Dublo models to complete the sets as described below. Rolling stock is left original, because the lithography of these pieces is a printing process, and impossible to replicate. The engines and tenders have been professionally repainted by Mr Tony Winzar to my specification. He commits to finishing models to a similar style to the original toys, and does not pretend to do "scale" or fastidious lining out.

The BR in the table stands for British Railways formed in January 1948.

The garter blue and red colours applied in the early days of the A4s is thought to have been derived from the Orders of Knighthood colouring shown in the image below. If these colours were used for the Coronation of King George VI, they contributed to the duo-tone blue chosen for Sir Nigel Gresley's train "The Coronation", hauled by blue A4 locomotives named for the Commonwealth dominions such as Australia, Canada, India and New Zealand.

Running Number
Period and depot allocation notes
Name and colour - notes

LNER 4487

March 1937 to February 1938 Haymarket, Gateshead

Set 1 - Sea Eagle in green with green wheels and valances over the driving wheels

LNER 4487

February 1938 to November 1941 Haymarket, Gateshead, Kings Cross, Doncaster

Set 2 - Sea Eagle in garter blue with dark red wheels and valances over the driving wheels

LNER 4487

November 1941 to January 1944

Set 3- Sea Eagle in black with dark red wheels lettered LNER - valances removed, never replaced.
Not painted.

LNER 4487

January 1944 to October 1947

Sea Eagle in black lettered NE


October 1947 to June 1948

Set 4- Renamed Walter K Wigham in garter blue with red and white lining and dark red wheels
BR 60028
June 1948 to October 1950 Grantham
Set 5- Walter K Wigham in purple blue with red lining
BR 60028
October 1950 to February 1952
Set 6 - Walter K Wigham in dark blue with black and white lining
BR 60028
February 1952 to withdrawal and scrapping after 1963 at Doncaster
Set 7 - Walter K Wigham in Brunswick green with black and orange lining
Not painted.
BR 60028
Sometime in the 1950s, the BR emblem on the tender was changed from the "Forward Lion" to the "Lettered Lion", but the colour and lining scheme remained unchanged.
Walter K Wigham in Brunswick green with black and orange lining

Orders of Knighthood colouring